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***Please bare with us as we update our Brand and our website.  You may still place orders as usual.  While we transition through these changes, you may not see our new "look" on our website for the time being.  But rest assured, our products are still as fabulous as they've always been!  Thank you for your patience as we transition to amazingness!"

welcome to happy skin naturals

Happy Skin Naturals is pleased to bring you All Natural Healthy skin care products for everyone of every age! We pride ourselves as makers of compassionately handmade, 100% cruelty free, simple skin care products.

Our Luxurious products are made from edible oils, sugars, plant based emulsifiers and mild plant based preservatives. We do not use any animal by-products, synthetics, parabens, dyes or fragrences in our products. If you can't say it, we don't use it!

Our product line includes all natural moisturizing creams & lotions, acne remedy, scrubs, lip balms, salves, bar soaps, Perfumed Oils*, deoderants and bug repellents (just to name a few).

We create our uniquely handmade products by making small batches at a time to ensure quality, consistency, freshness and customer satisfaction!

We have listed all of the fresh natural ingredients that go into our products on the "Ingredients Glossary" page so feel free to read about the wonderful properties of the ingredients we use.

We add new products continuously so please check back often.
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*Our products are synthetic free, we only use Essential Oils to create our beatifully scented products.

Happy Skin Naturals