Neck Pillow

Neck Pillow
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Our Neck Pillows are the perfect travelling companion!  They are not too thick, big or bulky.  Just the right support for behind your head while you are travelling, flying or just lounging around on the couch reading a good book or watching tv.  

These pillows are filled with Buckwheat Hulls.  They will not break down.  Our pillow has a removable/washable cover.  (Please hand wash only the cover)

****PLEASE NOTE:  These pillows CAN NOT be heated, trying to heat (microwave) these pillows may cause serious damage to the pillow, microwave even your house.  Buckwheat Hulls are very thin and can burn quite easily if placed in the microwave so please DO NOT HEAT!!! ****

Assorted colors are available & will be shipped at our choice of color.  You may specify which color you prefer (we have many different colors of fabric to choose from) but we cannot guarantee you will receive a specific color.  Thank you for your understanding.

Yes, we make these pillows ourselves with our very own little hands :)

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